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Our Evening Menu...

Served at 6pm.


Daily soups are on offer, served with a warm bread roll.

Refreshing seasonal melon garnished with fruit and coulis sauce.

Prawns in marie rose sauce served on a bed of salad with brown bread.

Smooth brussels pate served with a salad garnish and brown toast.

Apple fruit juice

Smoked mackarel fillet served on a bed of salad

Breaded wholetail premium scampi garnished with salad

Orange fruit juice

Prime pieces of chicken breast covered in a lightly seasoned coating served with salad garnish.

Main Courses:

Individual tender steak pies topped with a puff pastry lid

Succulent Devonshire Roast beef and homemade yorkshire pudding

Prime haddock fillets coated in natural breadcrumb served with a lemon wedge

Somerset pork, cubed pork baked in a creamy apple and cider sauce

Tender chicken and mushroom pie cooked in white wine topped with puff pastry

Prime cod fillets coated in natural breadcrumbs and served with a wedge of lemon

Cottage Pie, minced beef carrots and onions in a rich gravy topped with creamy mash

Chicken cheese and bacon wrap, a whole chicken breast stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon

Devonshire roast pork served with apple sauce

Thick cut gammon steak served with pineapple

Prime plaice fillet served in natural breadcrumbs with a wedge of lemon

Baked salmon fillet steak, no skin, no bones served with a wedge of lemon

Daily salads to include :- ham, beef, prawn, tuna and cheese served with new potatoes.


Vegetable and Stilton crumble, a medley of vegetables in a creamy cheese sauce with a crumb topping

Cheese onion and potato pie topped with shortcrust pastry

Broccoli and walnut bake, tender florets in a creamy sauce mixed with walnuts

Country vegetable pie topped with creamy mash

Vegetable lasagne, layered with mushroom and tomato sauce, topped with bechamel sauce and grated cheese

roasted vegetable tart, a selection of roasted vegetables in a shortcrust pastry tart

Stuffed Peppers, baked and stuffed with onions mushroomrice with a hint of garlic topped with cheese


Profiteroles, choux pastry filled with a cream and topped with belgium chocolate sauce

Apple and blackberry crumble, brambly apples and hand picked blackberries covered in a golden crumb

Raspberry revelation, white chocolate truffle on a vanilla sponge base and filled with raspberries

Timbleberry Pie, packed with apples and raspberries topped with winter fruit berries

devonshire Vanilla ice cream offered daily served with a 99 flake and a cafe curl

Cheese and biscuits offered daily, a wedge of west country cheddar served with biscuits and grapes

Syrup sponge pudding, individual moist sponge with a light golden syrup sauce

Fresh fruit salad, a refreshing selection of seasonal fruits

Creme Brulee, individual portions of this classic dessert, topped with crunchy brown sugar

Soup - Tor Dean Hotel Seasoned Chicken breast - Tor Dean Hotel Roast Beef - Tor Dean Hotel Cottage Pie - Tor Dean Hotel Chicken wrapped in bacon - Tor Dean Hotel Salmon - Tor Dean Hotel Profiteroles - Tor Dean Hotel Crumble - Tor Dean Hotel